From scenes in The Thirteenth Disciple

“The book explains the three primary dimensions, the spiritual, psychic, and material.” Avernis said. “The psychic plane is divided between the consciousness of light and darkness. It’s from there that the negative forces of ignorance, fear, and illusion exert their matrix of influence through the human mind to penetrate the material plane. When a person achieves a degree of enlightenment, it weakens that negative matrix. Like killer T-cells in a wounded body, the negative forces sense danger and rush to stanch the blood flow. They attack any source of light and liberation. The attack we experienced here was the physical manifestation of that psychic process.
“I know it’s unsettling to realize forces exist that keep the human soul in ignorant bondage,” Teresa said, “But Tibetan Buddhists have a tradition called terma where the gnosis or knowledge of enlightened spiritual beings is hidden away from corrupting forces to be re-discovered in times of need. The Gnostic gospels were found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945, the year the nuclear bomb was dropped, then the Dead Sea scrolls, and now the Magdalene Gospels.”

A trembling Amelia said, “Teresa, what lies beyond? You must have seen . . . Please . . .”
Teresa knew Amelia had her departed son in mind, and she wanted to help her, to help all of them. She closed her eyes. The stone walls of the cavernous great hall loomed silent. “A few times I crossed the veil . . . to the beginning,” she said in a halting voice. “I looked out on the infinite horizon. It was immense . . . it was uniform . . . it was lonely. Lonely like facing the vastness of the ocean or the emptiness of outer space by oneself. The Great Mind projected portions of Itself to reflect back upon Itself for companionship and experience . . . it was like looking at oneself in many mirrors.”

The team grouped in a tighter cordon around Teresa as she spoke trance-like in a soft, almost ethereal voice. “The One had to forget Itself within the many to project life as independent beings, but I promise you we are never lost as individuals. Our destiny is to experience and transcend the fragmentation of the psychic and physical dimensions by integrating them into our soul experience.
We can move beyond the duality of psychic and material consciousness. We can bring remembrance of our total experience back to the Infinite. We can be ourselves within the One, and enrich the experience of the Totality. That’s the reason for being. God needs us as much as we need God to complete the purpose for existing.”

Teresa opened her eyes. “This was the secret teaching of Jesus and Magdalene—we are not creations of God; we are God lost in a dream of our own making to experience the unique state of physical reality. We’re in a cycle of evolution. Consciousness alters thought and thought alters DNA over time. Spiritual breakthroughs accelerate the evolutionary process. Inspired knowledge of the higher dimensions triggers this process as it did two thousand years ago before the opposing powers drove it underground.”
“The age of miracles,” MacDonald whispered. “Such hope, such energy.”

“This is the Second Coming of the Christ spirit, don’t you see?” Teresa said. “We are the bridge connecting the dimensions of existence through our awakened consciousness. Annalisa and these gospels will reignite the sleeping God within. The new consciousness will generate a species-wide alteration over time, an actual genetic makeover. The soul force will reemerge and regain mastery over the flesh. We can heal and perform miracles. We can gradually banish the dark thought forms and bring heaven to earth. It all begins here, with you. Your efforts will establish its foundation. You must proclaim the gospel of Magdalene to the world. You must finish what Annalisa started.”