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The Thirteenth Disciple

Thirteenth Disciple

The second book of the 25x award-winning First Souls Trilogy

The thrilling story of spiritual truths lost and spirituality renewed...

Thirteenth Disciple Book Cover
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Mary Magdalene is a young Jewish girl in Roman occupied Judea given to visions and ostracized by her patriarchal society for her “blasphemous” behavior. She is raped by a Roman soldier then sold into slavery in Babylon where she is recued by the Roman Caius Averna who is astounded by the clarity of her premonitions. With another slave girl, Tezrah, she flees to Judea, where her life goes into a downward spiral until she meets the charismatic rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth. She becomes his primary disciple much to the chagrin of the male apostles, particularly Peter.

The timeline alternates with events in the present as a Vatican archaeological expedition finds the purported lost gospels of Mary Magdalene based on a prediction by Pope Annalisa. The scholars are sharply divided on the gospels contents as they tell a story radically different from orthodox Christian accounts. After the crucifixion, the disciples are divided, some following Magdalene’s mystical teachings imparted to her by Jesus, others preaching a more conservative Judaism. As the successor of Jesus, Magdalene is hunted around the ancient world until cornered in Ephesus with the choice of surrendering her life or seeing her followers.

In the present, the scholars are attacked by a cabal that does not want the information in the gospels made public. The same forces that killed Jesus of Nazareth two millennia ago will assassinate the pope and kill any scholars that have laid eyes on the texts. In the aftermath, even the most skeptical of the scholars are forced to revise their entire conception of reality as the suppressed saga of Mary Magdalene unfolds and the mystic voices of two thousand years reveal the tragic suppression of the original Christian revelations.

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