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Quantum Spirituality

Quantum Spirituality

The non-fiction book representing decades of research into suppressed ancient spiritual traditions and their relation to quantum physics that is the basis for the fictional First Souls Trilogy.

This groundbreaking work is a virtual guide to unseen worlds...

Quantum Spirituality Book Cover
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It uses science and mysticism as the yardsticks to indicate that our physical world is the holographic projection of forces from other planes of existence, the sum total of which is what we call reality.

You will find highly original observations showing that the once suppressed Gnostic Gospels of early mystical Christianity predicted nearly every major theory of modern quantum physics and psychology concerning the creation, the nature of reality, and the origins of conscious life.

The origin, purpose, and destiny of humanity lies exposed in the pages of this book and after imparting a background of incredible knowledge you will learn techniques to help you experience your own innate higher conscious.

Quantum Spirituality is an encyclopedia of cosmic consciousness covering an incredible range of topics that build a firm understanding of the hidden operations of reality. It covers early Christianity as a method of psychic awareness, the suppression of the feminine principle and its role as the gateway to higher consciousness, how the visible world is a cosmic electric light show, the illusions that prevent us from recognizing what is real, and ancient wisdom texts explaining modern quantum physics and the psychological discoveries of Carl Jung.

The book transcends unsupported New Age speculations and the perplexities of quantum physics to present a powerful synthesis of wisdom and science that readers can use for the practical betterment of their lives. The goal of this book is to help you achieve the extraordinary experiences of the ancient spiritual masters who were able to anticipate modern science and psychology thousands of years ago by knowing their true selves and touching the hidden nature of reality.

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