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Pope Annalisa

Pope Annalisa

The first book of the 25x award-winning First Souls Book Trilogy.

A soul-lifting journey from the abyss to days of endless possibilities...

Popeannalisa Book Cover
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AD 68 – Mary Magdalene is slain by the Romans marking the eclipse of the true mystical secrets taught by the Christ. She vows she will return one day to restore the lost wisdom that had been corrupted by forces ever seeking to keep the human soul ignorant of its spiritual origins.

Two thousand yeas later Annalisa Basango is born in Africa. Raised by a Catholic nun and a village shaman, the girl from a Christan-Muslim marriage displays unusual abilities that cause her to be feared by other villagers. A healing ministry as a nun in her 30’s brings her condemnation by a Catholic Church fearing an anti-Christ figure prophesied to bring the world order to ruin.

When Annalisa miraculously heals a near-dead Pope Clement, he has an epiphany and makes her a cardinal. So she starts a treacherous road that will gain her many enemies within and without the Church but also lead her to become pope herself in an astonishing series of events. The Church fragments and the world descends into war during her papacy leading many to believe that she is the source of a malice that will destroy civilization. Indeed, she harbors an astounding secret, and four people will race against a nuclear holocaust to learn the true nature of the controversial pope, that is, if her own cardinals and Islamic terrorists do not kill her first.

From the Vatican to chaining herself to a warplane in Tehran as America and Iran engage in a war that threatens wider global destruction, the acclaimed spiritual thriller weaves between hope and despair to finally bring a message of salvation that shows human beings are far more than what we expect and our origins indeed lie in another place. This is no common fictional page turner, but it presents an incredible exploration about the nature and origins of humanity grounded in ancient mystic wisdom and modern quantum science.

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