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The First Souls Trilogy

The First Spirits to Enter Material Existence​

First Souls Trilogy revised

Winner of 25 Awards Including Best Book Series

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They entered this dimension eons ago, the first souls to evolve human form. This is the saga of their rise, their fall, and their return until their purpose is done...

Sacred wisdom forgotten over the the ages tells us the human spirit once roamed the reaches of the creation in a body of light, yet now it is bound to the earth in material forms. Once the spirit mastered flesh, now flesh masters the spirit. The memory of our divine origins dimmed and became obscured in fables, myths, and dreams. Our higher knowledge degenerated into faith, philosophy, and religion. Our mind power over matter was replaced by machines. We became trapped by the cycle of death and rebirth, creatures forgotten of the place from which we came and the destiny toward which we are moving. The dark forces pervading the material world have eclipsed the higher consciousness of the once god-like souls severing them from connection to their Source.

This is the saga of how intelligent life first appeared in a material dimension we call the universe. Told in three page-turning thrillers spanning 200,000 years, the epic tale follows the lives of the first spirits to fall from higher dimensions into material forms as human souls. The spirits that led the fall from the higher planes must now guide humanity in the titanic struggle to awaken and regain awareness of its higher station. They incarnate at critical points in history where humanity is on the brink of either destroying itself or evolving.

From a prehistoric civilization superior to our modern technology, to the biblical age, to a near future where a female pope faces a world near annihilation, the first souls must overcome the dark forces that bind human consciousness in illusions and false beliefs. Based on recovered ancient Judeo-Christian mystical texts and quantum physics this series offers incredible real world insights into life’s most fundamental questions—who are we, from where did we come, and what is our purpose in existence?

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