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The Light of Distant Suns

Light of Distant Suns

The conclusion and the prequel to the 25x award winning First Souls Trilogy.

Light of Distant Suns Book Cover
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They entered as Gods. They ended as humans.

The Origin of the First Souls – Intelligent spirits have entered the material plane forever altering the evolution and destiny of the earth. On the large prehistoric island continent of Artalanta, they assume forms both beautiful and grotesque that become the basis for the gods and monstrous creatures of legends. They build an advanced technical civilization as they evolve more human-like bodies over thousands of years but still possessing the godlike abilities of the higher dimensions from which they fell.

But the material world takes its toll on their consciousness. Many begin to forget their origins. Their light bodies become denser in the earth plane. They degenerate into selfish and evil ways, losing their god-like abilities. Over millennia, their actions disrupt primal energies causing their continent to break into five islands.

In the Third Epoch of Artalanta, Princess Amliea presides over an empire divided between the freedom-loving Children of the Law of One based on Poseidia and the slave holding Sons of Belial based on Aryan. As the Belials enslave the fledgling cultures of the earth, the Poseidians, still faithful to the Supreme Being, are forced into a vicious civil war for dominion of the world. Amliea possesses a secret lost forbidden power of the old gods from which all Lanteans descended. She is is beset not only by the Aryans and a cult of assassins seeking to kill her but her abuse of the old power has driven her insane. Her sister, Terselia, along with generals Avarna, Petronien, and councilor Desamon must now take up the mantle during the war, hoping Amliea is restored but in the end it becomes apparent that the gods must die for humanity to be born.

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