Defining the plight of all fallen spirit.

Once I roamed the reaches of the universe in a body of
light. I was all places at all times, for I was filled with the
vision of The One. Now I wander the earth bound in the
form of an animal. Once as spirit I mastered flesh, now flesh
masters me. The memory of my divine origins dims and is replaced
by fables, dreams, and myths. My divine knowledge degenerates into
faith, philosophy, and religion. My mind-power over matter is lost
and is replaced by machines. No longer can I enter and leave the
physical body at will.

Now I die a thousand deaths in the cycle of rebirth. No longer can
I enter the higher realms, for I placed my will before the will of the
Father-Mother God. My vision of the divine has grown dim. Now
I grope my way through the shadow world of matter seeing faintly
as if by the light of distant suns.

— Lament of the First Souls from The Book of Remembrance
As told in The Light of Distant Suns