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What Kind of God Toys With Us….

What kind of god toys with us by tempting us into evil with the gift of free will? The Gnostic, or western, branch of this ancient wisdom answers this question by telling us God did not create the world—not exactly. There is one God, but God operated through intermediary energies or intelligences in the creation. Most major religions echo this belief in some form, even the ones most zealous about their monotheism. Christianity has the Christ and the Holy Spirit as well as the angels and devils they share in common with their Judaic and Islamic cousins. Islam has jinns. Hinduism and Buddhism have their gods and goddesses, each one differing in their intrinsic blend of light and shadow.

In keeping with the notion of intermediary forces, Gnostics believed the creator of the material world was not the One True God, but an inferior force, generated from, but too far removed from the Source, to create perfection. Think of how videos or CD’s degrade in clarity with each successive copy and you have the general idea behind this notion. Thus we have the genesis of the rampant flaws and evil evident on the material plane of existence. The goal of the Gnostic was attaining the spiritual knowledge necessary to overcome these limiting forces that intervened between humanity and the True God at the root of all things.

Far fetched? Much needless conflict has occurred over the nature of God. This is puzzling. The “monotheistic” religions recognize god-like intermediary forces and the “polytheistic” religions ultimately acknowledge that one Supreme Being manifested all the sub-deities. These religions ascribe differing names to the intermediary forces, but they all hold that unseen intelligences play a great role in human life.  Significantly, most religions also recognize that the various non-material powers are not entirely beneficial to human development. Thus we have the concepts of devils, jinns, and evil spirits—in other words, retardant forces.

Gnostics and their myths accounted for the fact that the further the manifested forces were from the Source, the more “shadow” they contained.  This shadow gave rise to the creator god and the distinction between him and the ‘hidden” True God.The two gods are a symbolic of the dichotomy between the flawed material world and the perfection we are always told that God truly represents.

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  1. This is in keeping with Ayurveda, which delineates most people into three categories of dosha, or “body type.” These doshas relate to our true essence and the amount of “shadow” we’ve come to possess. There seems to be no way of getting around the “as above, so below” connection.