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BACK COVER FINALIn 2032, a team of seven scholars unearths ancient gospels in southern France based on an astounding prediction by Pope Annalisa. The gospels appear to be written by Mary Magdalene. The scholars are shocked and divided, for the gospels present a seemingly heretical picture of early Christianity by one who was close to Jesus. Cloistered away in a French chateau for months, the team members must decipher the authenticity and meaning of the texts. 

The book cuts back and forth in time. The First Souls ever to incarnate in the material world have converged around Jesus in ancient Judea signaling a Great Shift in the eternal struggle between light and darkness. They are part of an ongoing revelation of sacred knowledge that will declare an entirely new meaning for human existence. Central to these events is Mary Magdalene, a young woman rebelling against the severe restriction of women in her Jewish culture. Mary is raped and sold into prostitution in Babylon.

Saved by Jesus of Nazareth, Magdalene learns a staggering secret about her own existence. From that day forward she becomes the heir to a sacred knowledge so powerful that Rome will hunt her to the ends of the earth. Pursued by a sadistic killer, Magdalene embarks on a desperate odyssey battling across an ancient world hostile to women. Against a backdrop of clashing empires, political intrigue, and brutal oppression, Magdalene seeks the keys that will allow her, above all other disciples, to reveal the sacred mystical teaching of the crucified Jesus to the world. 

But the same forces that suppressed the sacred knowledge  in the ancient world to bar humanity from attaining higher consciousness are rising again in the present day. These sinister powers plot to eliminate all traces of Magdalene’s gospel along with the discovery team members and the pope who supported the expedition.  The internal debate of the seven scholars grows heated as a revolutionary spiritual history emerges in the texts. Some see astounding, even quantum-like revelations, and others see a dangerous work by deluded individuals. We now begin to see the burden that the seven scholars face.

They are the jury. Their consensus will color how the world views the texts for years to come. Can they rise up and recognize that Magdalene’s story holds the key to fathoming the creation itself? Can they grasp the real meaning of the texts and propel human evolution, or will they discard them to the oblivion of fiction and push humanity back into a state of ignorance? Most importantly, will they and the gospels they possess survive the coming onslaught? The foothold gained by Pope Annalisa’s New Way, the ability to perceive a higher reality, hangs in the balance as Magdalene’s fate reaches a dramatic conclusion in her conflict with the all-powerful Roman Empire.





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