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ON THE ORIGIN OF THE WORLD SERIES (eBook, non-fiction, available on all E-readers)


CHILDREN OF A GREATER GOD exposes the history and principles of a universal spiritual tradition, describes the function of the great ancient Mystery Schools, addresses an alternate ancient version of Christianity and reveals the fate of early female Church leaders with a fresh perspective on the lost Sacred Feminine. The book discuss the difference between faith and knowledge and lays the foundational spiritual principles for comparison to the modern theories of quantum physics found n the second book of the series, A Descent of Light.








A DESCENT OF LIGHT is an introduction to physics: the nature of light energy, matter, and consciousness. The book covers the meaning of archetypes and their basis for a new paradigm of reality. Dimensions of existence, the role of time in space, and the holographic nature of our universe are discussed from the dual standpoints of quantum physics and ancient spiritual wisdom. The principles illuminated in this book overturn the misleading notions of traditional science and religion to form a Third Way–a new vision of reality from the marriage of ancient spiritual knowledge and modern quantum theory.








LOST HORIZON delves into the phenomenal mystery teachings of the great Gnostic masters. Illuminates the Gnostic secret wisdom for enlightening knowledge and understanding the counterforces that deviate humanity from the enlightened path. Demonstrates that Jesus taught a sophisticated spiritual message obscured by the Roman Church. Covers the relationship between matter and soul while exposing the layers of illusion that make spiritual beings believe they are dwelling in a three dimensional world. Decodes the Gnostic creation myth to reveal how the ancient masters predicted such modern theories as the Big Bang, parallel universes, the holographic nature of our existence, the “God Particle,” and many features of modern quantum science.

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