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Pope Annalisa is one of the most critically acclaimed novels to enter the modern literature landscape having won ten national book awards in less that a year since its publication.  Pope Annalisa author Peter Canova now joins the ranks of best selling authors and past winners  of these awards including such authors as Deepak Chopra, M.D.; Eckhart Tolle; His Holiness the Dalai Lama; Caroline Myss; Barbara Kingsolver; Mariel Hemingway; Judy Collins; Gregg Braden; Joel Osteen, Andrew Weil, M.D.; Gary Zukav; Daniel Pinchbeck; Frances Moore Lappe’; and Matthew Fox.
A woman now has supreme spiritual authority over 1.5 billion souls, and the world will not be the same again.
Why do so many want her eliminated?
She alters 2,000 years of Catholic practice–
  • Female Clergy allowed at all ranks
  • Priests may marry–no more clerical celibacy
  • The Church will no longer condemn homosexuality
  • The Church will alter its opposition on birth control
  • The Church will alter its position on abortion
  • The Church will introduce a new mass and a new way of considering God
She meddles in politics and the Iranian War of 2025–

The pope physically inserts herself into a war zone to alter the course of the conflict

She criticizes science and religion–

“Science and religion have posed dead ends and depleted people’s faith enough for the world to destroy itself.”

She expresses radical opinions on God, faith, and humanity–

“God did not create us the way were taught; faith must be superseded by knowledge of the divine; human failing is not from sin but ignorance.”


“Tackling subjects as weighty and massive as religious clashes, spiritual healing, transcendent beliefs, and a possible End of Days scenario is never easy, but Canova makes it clear that he is well versed in that about which he so adeptly writes. From the opening scene in 68 A.D., to the future story set in places throughout the world, Pope Annalisa is simply riveting, taking readers on an amazing, thought-provoking and powerful journey of the soul, the psyche, and the mind.” – Kathleeen Szmit, The Barnstable Patriot

”Pope Annalisa is an incredible read. It’s a great novel with a spiritual bent that doesn’t overwhelm. It reads better than The DaVinci Code or CelestineProphecy – more like The Color Purple for the Soul.” — John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Book, speaker, and book marketing expert

“A unique thriller that’s bound to be a classic— Think about it — a woman pope — BUT — more than that — a black woman pope! Demonic-looking symbols started appearing around the Vatican when the new pope arrived. What did this mean? Was the world about to end? What is Annalisa’s real agenda? Annalisa was treated differently than other popes by the cardinals. Would this change? And why was it happening? No doubt because she was black and a woman. The reader wonders all through the book if the new pope will survive. Moreover, they’ll wonder if she’s evil or the true savior of the world. I found this to be an exciting, entertaining and awesome story — well told and powerful and I highly recommend it.”– Susanna K. Hutcheson, professional copywriter, feature writer, internet reviewer

“An epic thriller, captivating from beginning to end. Pope Annalisa compels readers to contemplate their own notions of spirituality, good and evil, power and justice, in the manner of the best literary fiction.” – Adam Marsh, editor/literary agent

“Not only is the plot a real page turner, but the book carries deeper messages about why people are so psychically and physically fragmented. More importantly, it posits a way through our human dilemma to embrace our wholeness and our power.– Dr. Kathi J. Kemper, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, former faculty of Harvard Medical School, Author of The Holistic Pediatrician and Mental Health, Naturally

“Peter Canova is brilliant in his awesome presentation of a world in crisis . . . This is a must read and hopefully a movie soon. This book has the power to change lives.” — P. Hebert, reader, Amazon.com reviews

“I have finished reading POPE ANNALISA and can now report that this is THE best book I have ever read.” – Karl Werner, reader, Amazon.com

“Pope Annalisa is a page turner with rich characters, historical insights and intricacies that make it not only plausible but gives you the feeling this is/can be happening.” – B. Jackson, reader, Amazon.com reviews

A Brilliant Visionary Novel Destined to Become a Classic,Pope Annalisa is an exhilarating novel rich with complexities in both plot and characters. While the topic of resurrecting the lost divine feminine is sure to be controversial for many the presentation of this well thought and researched story is sure to win even the most skeptical minds. There are so many wonderful teachings by Pope Annalisa and others to contemplate and adapt into our own lives that can help us put aside the ways of warring with each other to find more meaning, love and peace in the world. One of my favourite messages helps us to understand that even `Evil itself dances to God’s Purpose.’ In other words, everything leads back to God regardless of how dark or challenging the circumstances may seem. Set in a world very similar to ours with warring nations, big money and political strife fighting for control Pope Annalisa shows us another waysomething I pray this world can embrace. Peter Canova’s debut novel has undoubtedly become one of my absolute favourite novels. Well done, Peter!! Kiernan Antares, Talk Radio Host

This book is a mind blower! It is a page turner while it is fiction you cannot help but sit there and think what if? I highly recommend “Pope Annalisa” as a great fiction read and one that if you are seeking answers, or looking for a read this summer that will keep you interested and help open your mind, then this is the Summer Read of the Year!”—Rebbekah White, Talk Radio Host

Pope Annalisa is one of the most powerfully written novels I have read in a long time.  As a talk show host I interview hundreds of people each year and usually it is non-fiction material.  This book relates so clearly, in my mind, the very changes we are having to deal with in today’s current environment; corruption on a massive level throughout the world, political hierarchies that are fearful of change and how one person, a woman, can change what seems to be impossible.  The story is gripping from beginning to end an I am looking forward to the sequel. This is a book of inspiration and hope expressed in a very unique way. This is a must read for those who see changes coming and want to be inspired to do something about it.”— Donna Seebo, award winning author, radio and TV personality

From the moment I received my copy of Peter Canova’s Award Winning book, Pope Annalisa, I knew I had something special in my hands. Is it really a piece of fiction? Is it? Or is it a prelude, as well as historical recap, to what our religious institutions for centuries have kept at bay; a rebirth of our entire perception and conception of the human spirit and how, through the lineage of mankind, the holy spirit is not just changing form, it is showing itself for what it really is. It is breaking out through the confines and boundaries of a Patriarchal institution and giving an equal stage to the Sacred Feminine spirit. To say this book is provocative, is a statement that rests along a well traveled road within the framework of its very existence.  Very few books can provoke a reader to question their knowing of whether or not the fiction in front of them is merely fiction, or if there is something so much deeper rooted within its pages. Pope Annalisa did that for me. I would be surprised to not see this wonderful work of art become transferred to film. It reminds me of something someone once told me. If a great message is meant to be shared, then it will take on a life of its own, and nothing will be able to stop it from reaching those that need it most. Pope Annalisa is a great message and her journey has just begun. – Debbie Edwards, Talk Radio Host

“POPE ANNALISA is a absorbing, powerful, thought provoking book. If you are looking for adventure….passion…spirit…this is a dynamic summer read to feed your soul and mind.   I highly recommend POPE ANNALISA…Peter is one of the most gifted storytellers of our time and this book should be in your library.”– David Matthew Brown ALSP Radio Host of INSIDE OUT

Pope Annalisa the first book of a trilogy entitled The First Souls. It is a groundbreaking thriller about an African nun who breaks racial, political, and religious barriers in becoming the world’s first female pope. She is faced with terrorism, religious clashes, Western society’s loss of faith, the struggle between science and religion for the human mind, and impending nuclear war.
The response to these opposing forces is the revelation of a genuine, near-lost Western spiritual tradition that poses a middle ground of salvation. The information recovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gnostic gospels in the Middle East just after WW II are just now registering in the public consciousness. Pope Annalisa predicts that these findings will help to create a new spiritual vision that will transcend the limitations of mainstream religion and secular, scientific materialism.

What forces were at work when the unthinkable became reality and an African nun was elected the first female pope? Amid conflicting prophecies of destruction and renewal she came. She is a healer, a miracle worker, a captivator of men’s souls. But when demonic-looking symbols begin appearing around the Vatican upon her arrival, were her enemies correct about her being the prophesied figure who will destroy the Church and lead the world order to ruin?
Is Annalisa, the first female pope, restoring the lost feminine legacy of Christianity or is she using her disarming femininity to resurrect the most dreaded heresy the Church ever faced? Is she truly reviving the secret knowledge Jesus taught that unleashed a torrent of miracles in biblical days, a transformative teaching so powerful that it had to be suppressed by the early Church?

Is Annalisa concealing some hidden agenda? Is she harboring a deadly force? Something certainly dwells within the new female pope. As the world nears nuclear holocaust, four people must race against time to learn her secret. Their quest will not only uncover the shocking truth about her, but about themselves, and in doing so they will touch upon the very origin and destiny of humanity.
As sinister hidden forces from within her own church and terrorism from without rear their heads, one thing becomes crystal clear—Pope Annalisa is at the very center of all the deadly plots within plots in a world where nothing is as it seems. And though it was a miracle for a woman to become pope, it will be a far greater miracle if she survives.
Live with the fascinating characters of Pope Annalisa as they face numerous dangers in unraveling the real, monumental mysteries of history that lie at the very foundation of our Western world. The ultimate prize may be the unlocking of a higher consciousness and a new view of reality that could redirect our evolution to save us from the errors of our past and the potential destruction of our future.

    • POPE ANNALISA is above all a page-turning thriller
    • POPE ANNALISA is written with strong content and style. Advance readings of the book by editors, authors, book marketing professionals, and readers have produced universally superlative comments because the novel presents sophisticated subject matter delivered through an accessible and enjoyable story
    • POPE ANNALISA addresses current problems within a classic adventure story. It deals with external threats such as terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons among hostile nations. It also exposes cultural divides within the Western world between genders, between races, between science and faith, between secularism and religion. Most uniquely, it reconciles these opposing forces by pointing to a new vision of reality and what it means to be human
    • POPE ANNALISA furthers and deepens a well established literary trend. The Da Vinci Code identified a huge market thirsting for the veiled mysteries behind our commonly accepted religious notions; The Celestine Prophecies gave practical answers. POPE ANNALISA is the intersection of the Da Vinci Code and The Celestine Prophecies. It provides painstakingly researched answers rooted in a veiled spiritual history with a story that rivets the reader from beginning to end.
    • POPE ANNALISA takes years of research and brings it to where no fiction has gone before. It reveals a genuine, recently discovered spiritual tradition suppressed in the Western world. The impact of the recovered Dead Sea Scrolls and Gnostic gospels is only now being understood and its profound implications integrated into the consciousness of the modern world. It is a salvific vision based on spirit and science. POPE ANNALISA is on the cutting edge of defining this transformative movement


    1. What is Pope Annalisa about?
    2. What makes Pope Annalisa different from other thrillers?
    3  How did ancient mystics anticipate findings off modern science?
    4. What is The First Souls Trilogy?
    5. What qualifies you to write on these subjects?
    6. Why did you choose an African female pope as the main character of your book?
    7. What is the primary message you are trying to convey to your readers?
    8.  How does Pope Annalisa treat Christianity, Catholicism, and the Christian story?
    9.  Can you define the ancient, universal mystical wisdom tradition?
    10. Is Pope Annalisa a take-off of the Da Vinci code?

    1. Mary Magdalene—lost Judeo/Christian feminine spirituality
    2. The Universal Spiritual Tradition underlying all major religions
    3. Gnosticism—the repressed Christian mystical tradition
    4. The intersections of myth and science
    5. The Third Way—ancient spiritual traditions and quantum physics superseding religion and traditional science
    6. Jungian Psychology and ancient Gnosticism
    7. The lost Genesis story
    8. Women and the early Church—how women were written out of the Bible
    9. Kabbalah, Sufism, and Gnosticism—the union of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
    10. Was there a secret teaching of Jesus and other prophets?

    PICab From the time he first experienced phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, intuitive medical readings, and psychic healing, Peter Canova has spent much of his life seeking to understand the forces that link humanity together at an unseen level.

    Peter’s former businesses—luxury hotel development, shipping, and import/exporting—carried him around the world, giving him an insider’s view of international politics, finance, and the mentality of foreign cultures. Athens, Rome, London, the Middle East, Thailand, and Africa were the crucibles that melded business, political, and economic intrigues in Peter’s experience, giving him real life stories that could make best sellers in and of themselves.

    In each of these venues, Peter also met a variety of spiritual figures, all of whom appeared in his life unsolicited and confirmed his conviction that spirit transcends the religious beliefs that tend to divide people.

    Peter had an affinity for writing, and in the late 1990’s he acted on this talent winning a First Literary Prize for his very first short story at the highly respected Santa Barbara’s Writer’s Conference in California. Shortly thereafter, he took first place out of 500 entries in Francis Ford Coppola’s online Zoetrope magazine for his first publicly circulated short story, The Blood of our Departed. Peter continued his track record of writing excellence with the publication of Pope Annalisa, which almost immediately won the Nautilus and Independent Publishers Awards in quick succession. In Pope Annalisa, he explores an ancient spiritual tradition which cut across not only Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but also the so-called pagan mystery schools of ancient days.

    Several things qualified Peter to handle this project. Communicative writing with clarity and persuasion was essential for his work. These skills helped him break down the book’s complex spiritual ideas into simple and entertaining fiction. He has twenty-five years of voluminous research behind him in both mainstream and alternative religious/spiritual studies, with a particular interest in early Christianity. Pope Annalisa was a combination of this research and information channeled in his own meditations.

    His hope is that this cross-over novel, part thriller and part spiritual wisdom text, will point to a new paradigm transcending the dead end dogmas of religious, cultural and gender differences that have caused so much suffering in the human community.
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