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The Greatest Spiritual Secret

Watch the World's Greatest Teaching videoFrom the dawn of written history, a spiritual wisdom tradition existed. It explained what human beings are, how we came to be, why we exist in such a sorry state, and how we might acquire the knowledge to experience salvation, not in the afterlife, but while still alive.

From the ziggurats of Sumeria to the temples of India, from Persia to Syria and then on to Egypt, the land of the pyramids, this wisdom was always present. For mass consumption, it was veiled in the myths and symbols of the differing cultures, but the message remained true for those who knew how to decipher it. In its purest form, it remained as both a written and oral tradition guarded in temples and mystery schools.

Was this just some collection of arcane beliefs belonging to long dead cultures, something of interest only to scholars of the obscure? Was this just some pagan mumbo jumbo rendered obsolete by the “enlightened” Western religions to which people adhere today?

In fact, this universal spiritual tradition was so prevalent in the ancient Greco-Roman world on which our culture is based that it laid the very foundations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It was twisted, persecuted and obscured, but it survives in muted form even today in Jewish kabbalism and Islamic sufism. The story of how this system of spiritual knowledge was destroyed by orthodox Christianity is a story of the tragedy that shaped the soul of our Western world.

Gnostic IlluminationIn 1945 in the deserts of Egypt, banned Christian gospels from the early Christian era were discovered hidden in a cave.  In 1947,  heretical  Jewish gospels were recovered, also in caves above the Dead Sea. Together these documents are transforming the commonly accepted views of our Western religious history for within them was preserved the wisdom of the  ancient tradition, which was suppressed, but not  eradicated.

Pope Annalisa is the story of our lost spiritual legacy and the violent struggle to bring it back to the light of day. By discovering the secrets of this ancient tradition, you will learn the answers to questions such as:

• Who were the earliest Christians and what did they teach?
• What was the lost feminine component of early Christian spiritual belief?
• Were women such as Mary Magdalene the real leaders of the early Church and what happened to them?
• Did Jesus teach a secret oral tradition that was linked to the universal wisdom tradition of all other major religions?
• How could the first Christians possibly have anticipated modern scientific discoveries such as the Big bang, parallel universe theory, E=MC2, and depth psychology?
• Why was the original Christian wisdom teaching such a threat to the Roman Empire?
• How was the original Christianity eradicated and transformed into the religion as we know it today?

Pope parchment

The novel, Pope Annalisa, answers these mysteries, but is the first female  pope truly restoring this ancient tradition or is she reintroducing an insidious, dreaded heresy? Are her actions really the prelude to a more destructive agenda? The answers rest on  four people who must race against global annihilation to learn what secrets are harbored by the world’s first female pope in this gripping novel of historical fiction.

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