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The First Souls

THE FIRST SOULS is an epic saga dealing with the origin and destiny of humanity. It follows the incarnations of the first spirits to embody into material existence and their titanic struggle to regain their spiritual home. The story is told in three books: POPE ANNALISA; THE THIRTEENTH DISCIPLE; and THE LIGHT OF DISTANT SUNS.

The First Souls Trilogy is about a new way of looking at creation and the human life within it. Grounded in quantum science and genuine spiritual wisdom texts, the trilogy is a revolutionary speculation that humanity is an integral part of the Master Consciousness that creates and binds together the very fabric of the universe through the dimensions of spirit, mind (psyche), and matter (body).Without the presence of human beings as lenses for the Master Consciousness to project and experience material reality, the universe would not exist.

The epic cycle cuts through myth and history to the heart of an ancient, near – forgotten spiritual legacy, a legacy that formed the very roots of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, a legacy that may have been the precursor to modern science. (See the Myth and Reality section of this site discussing the startling similarities between ancient mysticism and modern science).


The saga raises questions about the real teachings of Jesus and other spiritual figures. Who were the original Christians and what did they believe? Why were their miracles, healings, and prophesies silenced? What happened to the women who led the early Church? The answers may liberate some but shock and disturb others, for the answers renew conflicts that were waged in the first centuries AD for the very heart and soul of Christianity. But the First Souls transcends any single religious tradition; it truly touches upon the very nature of the human soul and its relationship to the divine.



Pope Annalisa (Book One)– The story of the First Souls begins in 68 AD with the death of Mary Magdalene at the hands of the Romans. She has sacrificed herself to save Christians from being tortured and killed in the arena. She laments that the true spiritual teachings of Jesus have been twisted and she was unable to stop the subversion of the sacred teachings. She predicts that she will one day return “black of skin with the three Alphas of God in my name,” and restore the true spiritual message to humanity. We move forward in time to the near future world of 2025 where a miraculous African nun, Annalisa Basanjo, has become the first female pope in a world become more explosive since her papacy. She has overturned two thousand years of Church practice on issues such as female clergy, abortion, and homosexuality. She talks of humanity not as the separate, sinful creations of a God of justice, but as the actual physical embodiments of a God of Love. Her explanations about light, the creation, and God sound like quantum physics. She has split the Church apart and the world is divided on her real nature and intentions. Some adore her as a savior, others see her as the predicted Great Heretic who will destroy the Church and lead the world order to ruin.

Indeed, as the world is nearing a nuclear confrontation between America and Iran, demonic looking symbols appear around the Vatican. The Church is also bankrupted by internal fraud even as Islamic terrorism reaches a high point. Annalisa has many enemies from Islam and within her own Church who want her eliminated and as war breaks out, four people whose fate is tied to Annalisa’s must uncover the secret of the female pope: Cardinal Peter “Pietro” Roncalli; Monsignor Desmond O’Keefe; Robert Avernis, a CIA agent; and Teresa Ferentinos, an international TV reporter.

Annalisa ends the war and the world’s population begins to embrace her “new way,” an empowering alternate vision of humanity. Is Annalisa, the African Pope, truly returned  to  restore the real message of Judeo-Christianity? Who are the other First Souls, the people whose fate is tied to hers? In one of her last acts, Annalisa predicts the existence of gospels written by Mary Magdalene having the power to change human perception. <GET THE BOOK>

The Thirteenth Disciple (Book Two) (in progress)—  is the prequel story about the birth struggle of Annalisa’s new way to take root and survive in the human psyche. Moving back and forth in time, we see that Annalisa’s teachings are really a restoration of the mystical teachings of Jesus, which in turn were a continuation of the sacred universal spiritual tradition, the tradition of divine knowledge that was the motive force and underpinning of nearly all human religions. 

In 2032, a team of seven scholars  unearth ancient gospels in southern France based on an astounding prediction by Pope Annalisa. The gospels appear to be written by Mary Magdalene and another female disciple of Jesus named Tezrah. The scholars are divided as to their authenticity, for the gospels present a shocking and seemingly heretical story of early Christianity. Cloistered away in a French chateau for many months, the team members must decipher the authenticity and meaning of the texts. In doing so they must face the inner demons and limitations that cloud their own understanding, the personal flaws preventing them from perceiving the truth of what they face.

The book cuts back and forth in time. We see certain souls converging around Jesus in ancient Judea as part of an ongoing revelation of knowledge. This suppressed  sacred wisdom appears at select points in history to awaken human remembrance of a higher order to life. Mary Magdalene is a young woman rebelling against the severe restriction of women in the Jewish culture. She is raped and sold into prostitution in Babylon. Desmonus is a Greek scholar, seeking a divine female incarnation near to Jesus as well as a lost sacred book of secret wisdom. Averna, a Roman soldier, is made the head of a spy network to identify agitators including Jesus, but he comes to understand greater forces are at play.

Peter, the apostle, is torn between the call to war by the anti-Roman Jewish zealots and the radical spiritual vision taught by Jesus. Finally Tezrah, a young orphan, is destined to be a witness and recorder of great events that must be transmitted to humanity. These people are earlier incarnations of the First Souls in Pope Annalisa. Against a backdrop of clashing empires, political intrigue, and brutal oppression, the broken Magdalene finds redemption, but even more importantly she learns that her life has a far more universal significance for human spiritual evolution. Pursued by a sadistic killer, Magdalene embarks on a desperate odyssey battling across the ancient world hostile to women. She seeks the key that will allow her, above all other disciples, to reveal the sacred mystical teaching of the crucified Jesus.

In modern time, the debate of the seven scholars grows heated as the revolutionary spiritual history emerges in the texts. Some see astounding, even quantum-like revelations, and others see a spurious work of imagination by deluded individuals. We now begin to see the burden that the seven scholars face. They are the jury. Their consensus will color how the world views the texts for years to come. Can they rise up and recognize that Magdalene’s story holds the key to fathoming not only our own true origin and purpose but to understanding the creation itself? Can they grasp the real meaning of the texts and propel human evolution or will they discard them to the oblivion of fiction and lead humanity back to a state of ignorance? The foothold gained by Annalisa’s new way, the ability to perceive a higher reality, hangs in the balance of human consciousness. 


LTD BETA 2.2The Light of Distant Suns (Book Three) (under development)—the origin of the First Souls is revealed. Beginning in a higher dimension, this book traces the great Fall of Sophia and the souls that followed her into the material realm. See the rise of fantastic prehistoric civilizations sparked by the great migration of spirits into material form then follow their tragic descent into civil war and barbarity as their light becomes eclipsed by the density of material existence. The triumph and fall of the First Souls is our story, the origin, destiny, and purpose of human existence.
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